Strategy is core to every BIM project. It is the primary reason people work with us. It motivates us and it drives all other components of the solutions we create.  

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Promotion
Brand Guideline
Internal Branding


Brand nomenclature defines the right words to articulate the brand’s value proposition, to avoid confusion between products and services, to differentiate from the competition, and to build equity in the right brands.

Naming Strategy & Architecture
Corporate & Product Naming
URL Strategy & Acquisition
Key Messaging
Intellectual Property


Good design is fundamental to any branding leader. Good design is not a luxury or happenstance, but a process of deliberately ensuring that every part of your brand visually establishes and maintains a company-wide standard for what it makes, how it looks, how it sells and how it is perceived.

Corporate Identity
Visual Identity Systems
Print and Collateral Systems
Packaging Design
Environmental Design
P.O.S.M (Point of Sale)


How you talk to people determines the perception they will have of you. Persuasively articulating your brand and your business is fundamental in building understanding and agreement with your strategies and actions.

Brand Launches
Brand Advertising
Digital Campaigns
Tradeshows and Events
Print and Digital Media
Annual & Sustainability Reports and Investor

New Media

First Impressions count. On the web - an environment of unprecedented freedom, choice, and opportunity - users are quick to form an impression of your brand. Effective online branding provides a meaningful users experience and your customer links the positive response back to your brand.

Web Design & Development
Multimedia Development
Social Marketing
Video Optimization


Up-to-date knowledge of the latest market trends to ensure the brand communications get the most innovative and effective solutions. Our professional advice in choosing the support material best adapted to the brand needs.


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